2019 Objectives

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I started to have care of myself last year, it was July 2018.

This happened because I was feeling worse than ever and actually everything look going worst every day

The Bottom

I started not to be very much interest in social life, like going out with friend or participating in extraordinary events taking on in my home place.

You know it is a medieval town in the north of Italy, small and cut out of the challenging life of the main business areas,

it is like a new Eden but in the same time a comfortable hole where you are idea from the reality.

So if you forget to be there when something big happens this mean you are excusing yourself to be and get the best for you.

Take consciousness

I was 108kg, and I am not taller than 175cm so not really athletic I must admit.

That was not the only problem but a main uncomfortable issue and something making me feel different and worst from anyone in my close friends group.

This means I was not depressed because of it but it was an easy step to make to star something better.

An achievable objective which was going to give me a lot of self-esteem and make me healthier

Go down to 80kg, not perfect, because by the books I should be 70kg or less but a step.

80Kg to feel better

I chose this weight because it was far more achievable than dream to wake up one day 65 kg what I was by the time of college.

Achievable and a big step, not really a small victory but a real goal.

So I started to ride my Mountain Bike. That poor one was hidden in the dark angle of the garage, close to the skiing gear.

It was 5 years from the last time I ride it, so I had to do some checks.

Tire pressure, clean the chain and grease it properly, check the disk brakes for my sake and

Riding Plan

I started with an easy ride close to home, it was a circuit of 7k 100m climb mixed, it was half gravel and half road.

I started to go every day after 6pm, a day one turn, the second day 3 turns and so on for a week.

The week after I made it longer, putting in some more road and climbs, so it became a 13km ride, and I started to repeat it again and again.

In a month I got comfortable and I started to dream to climb a hill not so far from here, and I did

august training

83kg close and ready for the next goal

Now I am 84kg, in 6 months I almost made it, actually in December I arrived to 81 but Christmas has been a huge problem, with the cold and the snow, the impossibility to ride and the parties related with Christmas and new year’s eve o got 3 kilos back…but I am not scared, tomorrow I start again, and even if the temperatures are most of the day under zero I will do my best to come back in shape and get even better than the 21st of December, the day I started to have too much fun

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