How Long Do Nikon Batteries Last?

How Long Do Nikon Batteries Last?

Capturing stunning images and preserving precious moments with your Nikon camera requires a reliable and long-lasting power source.

Nikon batteries have been meticulously engineered to meet the specific energy demands of Nikon

cameras, offering exceptional compatibility, high performance, and impressive capacity.

In this blog post, we will address a common question among photographers: How long do Nikon batteries last? By understanding the importance of using these

rechargeable powerhouses designed exclusively for Nikon cameras, you

can optimize your camera’s performance and extend your shooting sessions

Join us as we delve into the world of Nikon batteries and uncover their

expected duration, allowing you to make informed decisions about managing your camera’s power supply.

We will explore factors that affect battery life, share practical tips for

maximizing battery performance, and provide insights on when it may be

time to replace your Nikon battery. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently capture those picture-perfect moments without interruption

How Long Do Nikon Batteries Last?

The length of time a Nikon battery will last depends on the specific type of battery used and the surrounding conditions.

On average, a Nikon battery can be expected to last for approximately three years with regular use.

However, even if the batteries are not actively in use and left idle, significant deterioration may occur.

While the battery may still be usable beyond this period, its efficiency and performance may be noticeably diminished.

One of the latest nikon batteries can last up to nine hundred and fifty shots, which only applies to a release mode that is single frame.

In a release mode that is continuous, it can take about four thousand shots. In

the event that you are planning to shoot some movies, the battery will take you up to eighty minutes.

If you notice that your battery always drains faster, try and check if it is connected to other device via bluethooth.

Also check if your WiFi is on or off, as this can reduce its longevity.


Do Nikon Batteries Expire?

In an unused state, nikon batteries can last up to two to five years. But when already in use, it can last up to three years or less.

This means that it gets to a point where it finally expires and goes bad.

Even though they have a long shelf life, it will not last forever. It is very

important for you to handle it with care and use the right charger, so that it doesn’t go bad on time.

How do I know If My Nikon Batteries Is Original

One of the easiest way to tell if your Nikon batteries is original is when you see the name Nikon and 1000 mAh fully printed on your battery.

If you don’t see this, it could probably mean that you holding a fake battery. It is good that you purchase and

identify an original nikon battery, so that your camera performance will be perfect.

Fake battery do not come with safety precautions and mechanisms, which

can lead to low performance and in some cases, explosion due to leakage or high temperature.

How Long Does It Take For Nikon Batteries To Fully Charge?

It takes about two hours and twenty minutes to fully charge your Nikon batteries, especially when it is totally exhausted.

But generally, it takes about an hour and fifty minutes to charge it completely.

It is good that you immediately remove your charger, once it is filled up.

Doing so will ensure that the battery do not go bad quickly, resulting in a short lifespan.

Over charging can also result in the lose of your battery capacity, overheating and in rare cases, explosion.

Why Are Nikon Batteries So Expensive?

Nikon Batteries are so expensive, because they are produced by the camera manufacturers.

This means that they come at high cost since it is premium quality.

That is why most people switch to a third party battery because they are more cheaper.

Third party batteries are batteries that are not produced by the brand or the original company.

These batteries are good and works very well, but they are some disadvantages to it.

One of the disadvantages is that, they don’t have a long shelf life. It drains faster as you continue to take shots or photos.

Sometimes, these batteries do not have the same capacity and power like the original.

It may swell badly and even damage your camera on the long run.

However, they have their own role to play as substitutes or replacement during emergency.

Since it is affordable, it gives you the means to purchase, especially when

you are not financially buoyant to buy the manufacturers product.

It is important to inquire properly, because they are still good third party batteries in the market.



How Can I Make My Nikon Batteries Last Longer?

It is true that most modern camera’s always come with many gadgets and application.

They include GPS, bluethooth, WiFi, larger sensors, bigger memory, fast processors, automatic flash, LCD screen and many others.

All these contribute to quick drainage of your battery.

Below are some steps that can help you minimize these activities and therefore prolonging its shelf life.

1. Always remember to put your camera in a power saving mode, so that your battery can last longer.

This is very helpful, especially when you forget to manually turn it off.

2. LCD screens can also make your battery shelf life short. That is why it is good to minimize the use of it, instead you can use a viewfinder.

3. If it has been a long you used your camera, it is wise to check for corrosion.

Most times, humid environment can lead to this development. If you see

any brown or green smudges, please do well to remove it, so that your battery can charge properly.

4. Always remember to change your battery and buy a new one, when you notice that it has turned old.

5. It is best not to capture raw images, as this can take much information and a lot of resolution.

This activity can drain your battery faster.

6. Try and get a good extra battery, so that you can be prepared for events where you need to shoot a massive project.

Ensure you pick the proper size, the correct battery type and must be rechargeable.

7. You should also minimize using your camera autofocus operations.

Without a doubt, they are quite delightful and impressive, but the regular use of it can drain your battery faster.

8. Pressing the shutter button only half way should be avoided.

This can stress the camera and result in drainage, leading to a short lifespan of battery.

9. Check your camera and adjust the shutter speed in the settings, so that it can be faster.

Slow shutter speed can also drain your battery.

10. If your Nikon camera has an AF-P lens and you continuously zoom in and out, this can also cause the battery to die quickly.

11. If you always use the additional accessories provided by the camera, it can make it to run out of power quickly.

12. Consistently using your Nikon camera monitor can also drain the battery much faster.

A lot of people prefer using the monitor for better view, but unfortunately it affects the life span of your battery. It is best to limit its usage to a DSLR camera.

5 Best Camera Batteries That Can Substitute For Nikon Batteries


1. BM Premium LP-E6NH Battery and Charger (2 pack) : This battery is very compatible with many cameras. It has two battery pack and a charger.

They come with a one year warranty, which means you have nothing to worry about, when it comes to safety.

Many professional photographers really love this model of battery and gives it a high rate. It has good quality, reliable and high capacity.

2. BM Premium EN-EL15C Batteries and Charger for Nikon : It comes with a 2280 mAh capacity, which gives you enough time for shooting. Since they are third party batteries, it is very affordable.

They also offer a one year warranty and safety guarantee. Though it has a good rating, some still complain that it drains faster than the premium Nikon battery. But on the brighter side, it has a high positive review, so you are good to go.

3. Wasabi Power EN-EL15C Battery (2-Pack) :

They are very compatible with Nikon cameras and others. It considerably has high capacity of about 2000 mAh and comes with a three year warranty.

Since it is a third party battery, it is way cheaper than the premium quality. Even though it doesn’t charge like the original, it still has a decent review.

4. Powerextra NP-FZ100 Battery and Dual USB :

They have a high mAh power of 2500, which is higher than the original. This third party battery is considerably durable and reliable. It also has a USB cable for charging.

Just like the others, it has a lot of high positive ratings from professional photographers and users in general.

5. Fujifilm NP-W126 Battery & Dual Charger : Just like the others, it has a USB cable and a considerable high capacity for shooting.

They are very compatible with both old and new cameras. They are third party batteries, but still have a long life span.


Nikon Batteries are comes in varieties and capacity. They are rechargeable and plays an important role in ensuring that your camera runs smoothly.

You must try not to engage in any activity that can damage your battery or camera.

Even though Nikon batteries are expensive, they worth the price because you will surely have peace of mind, knowing that you got the very best.

Third party batteries are okay, but you just have to be careful. Taking good care of it, will surely make it to last longer.

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