How Long Does Hinge Shadowban Last?

How Long Does Hinge Ban Last?

How Long Does Hinge Ban Last?

A Hinge ban is most often a permanent suspension of your Hinge account.

This can be for a number of reasons, such as violating the community guidelines or terms of service.

If you are banned, you will not be able to use the app again with that particular account.

Did you just get a ban on your Hinge account and you are wondering how long a ban lasts?

 In this article, we tell you how long hinge bans last. And also how you can bypass it.

So, how long does hinges ban last? Hinge bans are usually permanent on your hinge account. Unless, in a very few cases, your ban is lifted after you file an appeal to hinge support. Aside from that, hinge bans are almost always permanent.

How Long Does Hinge Ban Last?

 If you violate the Hinge Terms of Service, your account will be banned. The length of the ban is most often permanent.

 If you think you were mistakenly banned from Hinge, you can reach out to their support team and request that they review your account. There’s no guarantee that they’ll lift the ban, but it’s worth a shot!

Additionally, some people have had success creating a new account and starting fresh. This obviously isn’t ideal, but if you’re really desperate to get back on Hinge, it might be worth trying.

At the end of the day, it’s up to Hinge whether or not they want to let you back on the app. So if you do get banned, don’t take it too personally—it just means that Hinge isn’t the right fit for you.


Why do people get banned from Hinge?

Here are 8 reasons why people get banned from Hinge: 

1. Posting inappropriate content: This includes anything that’s lewd, pornographic, or violent.

2. Spamming other users: This includes sending unsolicited messages or invitations or repeatedly sending the same message.

 3. Creating fake profiles: This includes using someone else’s photos or information or creating multiple profiles.

 4. Misrepresenting yourself: This includes lying about your age, relationship status, or anything else.

 5. Being disrespectful: This includes making offensive comments or slurs or harassing other users.

 6. Violating our terms of service: This includes anything from creating multiple accounts to trying to circumvent our rules.

 7. Selling products or services: This includes any type of advertising, including for other dating sites or apps.

 8. Impersonating someone: This includes pretending to be someone you’re not or claiming to represent Hinge in an official capacity.

How to Appeal a Hinge Ban

If you think that your hinge ban was issued in error, you can appeal it by emailing

You’ll need to include your full name, the email address associated with your Hinge account, and a brief explanation of why you think your ban was issued in error.

Well, if they agree that your ban was unwarranted, they’ll lift it. However, there is no guarantee that your appeal will be successful.


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How long does Hinge Shadowban last?

Hinge’s shadowbanning policy is not well-defined, and it is difficult to say how long a shadowban will last. However, it is generally agreed that a hinge ban can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of the violations committed on the hinge platform.

So if you’ve been Shadowbanned, it’s probably not permanent. However, it’s still best to avoid doing anything that would get you banned in the first place.

Are Hinge bans forever?

If you’ve been banned from Hinge, the ban is most of the time permanent. It simply means you are denied access to further accessing the hinge platform due to repeated violations.Your profile will also be hidden from other users. Of course, getting banned from Hinge isn’t the end of the world.
There are plenty of other dating apps out there, and you can always try again once your ban is up. But it’s still not something anyone wants to go through, so it’s best to avoid getting banned in the first place!

The app may give you the option to appeal the decision, and if your appeal is successful, you may be reinstated. However, there is no guarantee that your appeal will be successful, and if it isn’t, you will remain banned from using the app.

Can you get Hinge unbanned?

There is no formal process for getting unbanned from Hinge, but you can try contacting Hinge’s customer support team to plead your case. Keep in mind, however, that Hinge has the right to ban any user for any reason, so even if you are successful in getting unbanned, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be banned again in the future.


What happens when you get banned from Hinge?

So, what happens when you get banned from Hinge? Well, first of all, your account is no longer accessible. You won’t be able to log in or even access the app.

 Secondly, your profile will be removed from the Hinge community. This means that other users will no longer be able to see your profile or interact with you in any way.

 And finally, you will be placed on a blacklist, which means that you will not be able to create a new account on Hinge in the future. So, if you’re thinking about trying to sneak onto the app again under a different name, think again!

How to get around the Hinge ban

 There are a few ways you can try to get around a hinge ban, but I’d caution against it. If you really want to give it a shot, here are a few things you can try:

1. Use a VPN: This can help you change your IP address and hopefully get around the ban.

 2Create a new account: This is obviously more work, but if you use a different email and phone number, you might be able to get around the ban this way.

 3.Reach out to customer service: If you have a good reason why you should be unbanned, it doesn’t hurt to try reaching out to customer service and seeing if they’ll lift the ban for you.

 4Try a different device: If you’re using your phone, try logging in from a computer or tablet.

 5Clear your cookies: This one is a bit more technical, but deleting your cookies can sometimes help.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that any of these will work, but it’s worth a shot if you’re really set on getting back on Hinge.

Does Hinge ban IP addresses?

No, Hinge does not ban your IP address.

Can you have two Hinge accounts?

Yes, you can have two hinge accounts. This second account can serve as a substitute in case one of them is banned.

Does Hinge use facial recognition?

Yes, Hinge does use facial recognition software. This is how Hinge is able to suggest potential matches for you based on your photos.

When you upload a photo to Hinge, our algorithms scan it and compare it to other photos in our database. If we find a match, we’ll let you know so you can connect with that person.

What happens when you’re reported on Hinge?

Well, first of all, the person who reported you will have to choose a reason from a list of options, like “inappropriate photos” or “offensive messages.”

 Once you’ve been reported, a Hinge moderator will review your account and decide whether or not to issue a ban. If they do issue a ban, your Hinge account will be permanently banned.

Does a VPN work for Hinge?

Yes, hinges work pretty well with a VPN.

The VPN gives you access to locations where Hinge is not allowed. If you are banned also, I can tell you that using a VPN can sometimes help you bypass a Hinge ban. This is because a VPN changes your IP address, which makes it appear as though you’re accessing Hinge from a different location.


So, how long does a hinge ban last? Generally speaking, a hinge ban is most of the time a permanent and infinite ban that prevents a user from further accessing the hinge platform using that account. You can only recover your Hinge account if it was unjustly banned. Other than that, most hinge bans are permanent.

 The best way to avoid getting banned is to follow the guidelines and terms of service set out by Hinge. If you do that, you should be in the clear. But if you do end up getting banned, don’t worry—there’s always a chance that you can appeal the decision and get back on the app.



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