‎How Long Does Hinge “Just Joined” Badge Last?

‎How Long Does Hinge “Just Joined” Badge Last?

‎How Long Does Hinge “Just Joined” Badge Last?

Are you new to the Hinge dating platform and wondering about the duration of the “Just Joined” badge on your profile?

In this article, we’ll answer the question “how long does hinge “just joined” badge last?”

What it means, and if there’s a way to customize or remove it.

Let’s dive into the world of Hinge’s “Just Joined” badge and discover what it has in store for you as a fresh member.

Hinge Just Joined. Meaning?

The “Just Joined” badge on Hinge means that a person is new to the app.

It’s a way for other users to know that the person recently joined and hasn’t been using the app for a long time.

This badge helps other users notice and possibly interact with new members, giving them an opportunity to connect with people who recently joined the app.

‎How Long Does Hinge “Just Joined” Badge Last?

When you create a new profile on Hinge, you’ll notice a special badge on your profile that says “Just joined.”

This badge is like a little announcement that lets others know you’re new to the app and have recently joined.

It’s a way of showing that your account is active and that you’re a fresh member of the Hinge community.

Typically, this “Just joined” badge will stay on your profile for around one week to 14 days .

During this time, other users who come across your profile will see this badge and understand that you’re a new user who has recently started using the Hinge app.

It’s a helpful indicator for them to recognize and potentially engage with new members like yourself.

So, don’t be surprised if you receive some extra attention during your first couple of weeks on Hinge.

The “Just joined” badge serves as a friendly signal to others, letting them know that you’re new to the app and excited to connect with new people.


How To See If Someone Just Joined Hinge?

To check if someone has recently joined Hinge, you can look for a “Just Joined” badge or indicator on their profile.

Hinge typically displays this badge on the profiles of new members to let other users know that they are fresh to the app.

By browsing through profiles, you can identify users with the “Just Joined” badge and determine if someone has recently joined Hinge.

Can you turn off the just joined on Hinge?

As of now, there is no specific option to disable or turn off the “Just joined” badge on Hinge.

The badge is automatically displayed on new user profiles for a certain duration.

Instead, The “Just joined” badge on Hinge is automatically removed from your profile after approximately 14 days.

Once this time period has elapsed, the badge will no longer be displayed.

It is a temporary indicator to let others know that you are a new member on Hinge, and it will automatically disappear after about two weeks.

Can you hide just joined on Hinge?

Currently, there is no direct option to hide or disable the “Just joined” badge on Hinge. The badge is automatically displayed on new user profiles for a specific period of time.

How to get rid of just joined on Hinge?

There was no specific option to manually remove or get rid of the “Just joined” badge on Hinge.

The badge is automatically displayed on new user profiles for a certain duration.

5 Facts About Hinge Just Joined Badge

1. The Hinge “Just Joined” badge is a feature designed to indicate that a user is new to the app and has recently created their account. It serves as a way to inform other users that they may be interacting with someone who is new to the platform.

2. The badge appears as a small blue icon with the text “Just Joined” displayed on the user’s profile. It is typically located near the user’s name or profile picture, making it easily visible to other users.

3. The purpose of the “Just Joined” badge is to help users identify and potentially connect with new members who may be more open to meeting new people or starting conversations. It provides an opportunity for existing users to reach out and welcome newcomers to the community.

4. The badge is automatically applied to a user’s profile when they create a new account on Hinge. It typically remains active for a limited period, such as a few weeks or months, after which it is automatically removed from the user’s profile.

5. The “Just Joined” badge can be both beneficial and challenging for users. On one hand, it can attract attention and engagement from existing users who are interested in meeting new people. On the other hand, some users may prefer to interact with more established members of the community. Ultimately, the badge serves as a helpful tool for users to identify and connect with other members based on their experience level within the app.


In conclusion, the “Just Joined” badge on Hinge is a temporary indicator that lets other users know you’re new to the app.

Typically lasting for about one to two weeks, the badge automatically disappears from your profile after this period.

Although there is currently no option to hide or disable the badge, it serves as a friendly signal to others, attracting attention from potential matches who are interested in connecting with new members.

So embrace your “Just Joined” status and enjoy the opportunity to meet and engage with exciting individuals on Hinge.

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