How To See Purchase History On onlyfans

How To See Purchase History On onlyfans

Have you been using OnlyFans for a considerable period and found yourself

eager to access your purchase history, whatever the reasons may be? If so, you’re in the right place.

It’s entirely common for the majority of OnlyFans users to possess a curiosity about their transaction and purchase records. You’re far from alone in this sentiment.

In this article, we’re here to teach you how to see your onlyfans purchase history, along with providing insights

into actions like hiding or deleting the purchase history if you want to.

Our step-by-step approach ensures clarity in each procedure, so there’s no need to rush.

Take your time to read and relax as we provide the coverage you seek.

Your journey through comprehending and managing your OnlyFans financial records begins here.

Onlyfans Purchase History

Your OnlyFans purchase history refers to a chronological record of the transactions you have made on the OnlyFans platform.

It includes details about the content, subscriptions, or services you have paid for while using OnlyFans.

This history provides information such as the date of the purchase, the amount paid, the creator or content you subscribed to, and any other relevant transaction-related data.

Understanding your purchase history allows you to track your financial interactions on OnlyFans, helping you

manage your subscriptions and keep a record of the content you have accessed or supported.

It’s a valuable tool for keeping organized and informed about your spending and engagement on the platform.

How To See Purchase History On onlyfans

To see your purchase and subscription history on onlyfans, there are 3 methods which I have tried personally and they have worked in helping me see and Retrieve my purchase history on only fans. This method are

1. Checking Onlyfans Subscription History 

2. Checking Email Reciept From Onlyfans

3. Contacting Onlyfans Customer Support

This 3 method have personally be tested by me and I can assure you they are the easiest way to see your purchase history.

Now let me explain the 3 methods in detail

Method 1: Checking Subscription History By Accessing Your Account

Step 1. Open Your Web Browser:

Step 2. Launch a web browser on your computer.

Visit OnlyFans Website:

Step 3. Type in the OnlyFans website address in the browser’s address bar and hit “Enter.”

Log In to Your Account:

Step 4. Once the website loads, log in to your OnlyFans account using your registered email and password.

Navigate to Account Page:

Step 5. After logging in, proceed to your account page.

Find “Following On” Link:

Step 6. Look for the “Following On” link, which is usually located near your fan number on the account page. Access Lapsed Subscriptions:

Step 7. Click on the “Following On” link to access your subscriptions.

Select Expired“:

Step 8. At the top of the page, there should be a menu. Choose the “Expired” option from this menu. View Lapsed Subscriptions:

Step 9. Once you’ve selected “Expired,” you’ll be presented with a list. This list will display only the subscriptions that have concluded and are no longer active.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to see your purchase history on your

onlyfans account, navigate to your account page, and view your expired subscriptions.

This allows you to see the subscriptions that have already finished.

Method 2: Check Email for Receipts From Onlyfans:

Step 1. Open your email inbox. This should be the email account that you used to sign up for your OnlyFans account.

Step 2. Use the search bar or scroll through your emails to find any messages from OnlyFans.

Step3: Look for emails that might contain information about your purchases, transactions, or payments on OnlyFans.

These emails are typically sent to you as receipts or confirmations after you’ve made a purchase.

Open the Receipt Email:

Step 4: Once you’ve found an email related to an OnlyFans purchase, click on it to open the email.

The subject line of the email might mention the purchase or transaction.

5. Review the Receipt: Inside the email, you should find information about the purchase you made on OnlyFans.

The receipt might include details such as the creator’s name, the amount paid, the date of the transaction, and the type of content you purchased.

6. Retrieve Relevant Information:

Make note of the relevant details from the receipt, such as the creator’s name, the amount paid, and the date.

If needed, you can also take a screenshot of the email or save it for your records.

7. Repeat for Other Receipts:

Repeat this process for any other receipts or confirmation emails you have received from OnlyFans for your purchases.

The email method involves going through your email history to find receipts or confirmations from OnlyFans for your purchases.

These emails should contain the information you need regarding your purchase history.

If you’ve deleted these emails or can’t find them, you might consider checking your email’s trash or spam folder, or you could contact OnlyFans support for assistance.

Method 3: Contacting Onlyfans Customer Support To Retrieve Your Onlyfans Purchase History

To request your OnlyFans purchase history from customer support, follow these steps:

1. Visit OnlyFans Website:

2. Open your web browser and go to the official OnlyFans website (

3. Log In to Your Account:

If you’re not already logged in, click on the “Log In” button or link.

4. Enter your registered email address and password to access your account.

5. Access Help or Support:

6. Look for a “Help,” “Support,” or “Contact Us” link on the website. This is usually located at the bottom of the page or within a “Settings” or “Account” section.

7. Choose Contact Method:

Click on the “Help,” “Support,” or “Contact Us” link to access the customer support options.

Select the option that allows you to “Contact Support” or “Submit a Request.”

8. Submit Inquiry:

Use the provided form to submit a request to OnlyFans support.

In your message, clearly state that you are requesting your purchase history or transaction history from your OnlyFans account.

Include any relevant details, such as your account information, email address, and any specific time period you want the purchase history for.

9. Be Polite and Patient:

Write a polite and concise message explaining your request.

Understand that it might take some time for the support team to respond, so be patient and wait for their reply.

10. Follow Instructions:

Once you receive a response from OnlyFans support, carefully read their instructions.

They might ask you to verify your identity or provide additional information to process your request.

11. Receive Purchase History:

If your request is successful, the support team should provide you with the requested purchase history, which might include details such as transaction dates, amounts, and the content you purchased.

Remember that customer support interactions should always be respectful and professional.

Be prepared to provide any necessary verification or information to prove that you are the account holder.

The steps outlined above are a general guide, and the exact process might vary based on OnlyFans’ specific support procedures and policies.

With this 3 method discussed above, you should be able to see your onlyfans purchase history easily.


Does Onlyfans Have a Purchase History

Yes, OnlyFans purchases can be tracked through your bank account statements if you paid directly through a payment method.

Additionally, you can find purchase details in your email inbox through receipts or confirmations.

These resources help you keep an accurate record of your transactions.

How Do I Delete My Transaction History On Onlyfans

To delete or hide your OnlyFans purchase history, follow these steps:

Hiding Purchase History:

On Desktop:

1. Sign in to your OnlyFans account on the website.

2. Click on “My Subscriptions” in the upper right corner.

3. Locate the specific order you want to hide and click “View Details.”

4. Click “Hide History.” Please note that these hidden purchases can still be seen in your account’s Privacy area.

On the App:

1. Log in to the OnlyFans app on your device.

2. Scroll to “My Subscription” and find the item you want to hide.

3. Tap “View Subscription Details” and then “Hide Purchase.”

Remember, these hidden purchases can be viewed by going to Ordering and Preferences > Hidden purchase from the menu.

Clearing Browsing History:

If you’re using a shared account or want to ensure your browsing history is hidden, use an incognito or private browser window. This will prevent your actions from being saved.

Please Note: deleting or hiding purchase history doesn’t completely remove it; it may still be accessible from your account settings.

Make sure to log out of shared accounts and use private browsing mode for added privacy.


In conclusion, understanding and managing your OnlyFans purchase history is essential for tracking your financial interactions on the platform.

This article provided a detailed guide on how to access your purchase history using methods such as checking

subscription history, reviewing email receipts, and contacting customer support.

These steps empower you to stay organized, keep records, and make informed decisions about your spending and engagement on OnlyFans.

Additionally, you learned how to hide or delete purchase history for added privacy. Remember that while hiding or deleting purchase history can enhance

privacy, some traces may still remain in your account settings.

Always prioritize respectful and professional interactions when communicating with customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Onlyfans Purchase History

1. Does OnlyFans have a purchase history?

Yes, OnlyFans maintains a purchase history that records your transactions on the platform, including subscription details and content purchases.

2. What is included in my OnlyFans purchase history?

Your purchase history includes information such as transaction dates, amounts paid, subscribed content creators, and other relevant transaction-related data.

3. How can I access my OnlyFans purchase history?

You can access your purchase history by checking your account’s subscription history, reviewing email receipts, or contacting OnlyFans customer support.

4. Can I delete or hide my purchase history on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can hide specific purchases, but they may still be visible in your account’s Privacy area. Deleting history completely might not be possible.

5. What is OnlyFans purchase history?

OnlyFans purchase history is a record of your transactions on the platform, including details about subscriptions, content purchases, dates, amounts, and more.

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