Snapchat Device Ban

Snapchat Device Ban [ And How To Fix it]

Snapchat Device Ban

Explore Snapchat device bans in this article, where we uncover the reasons behind them and provide simple solutions.

Whether you’re dealing with a temporary or permanent ban, we’ll explain the causes and offer

straightforward methods to regain access to your Snapchat account.

Stay informed and learn how to effectively navigate Snapchat device bans.

Snapchat Device Ban

Snapchat device ban is a temporary action taken by Snapchat to restrict access to its platform from a specific mobile device.

It occurs when a device is found to have violated Snapchat’s terms and community guidelines or when it is being used in conjunction with unauthorized third-party apps.

The ban is not permanent and usually lasts for up to a month.

During the ban period, users are unable to access their Snapchat account on the banned device.

However, once the ban period is over, they can resume using the device to access their Snapchat account as usual.

How Long Does Snapchat Device Ban Last?

A device ban on Snapchat is a temporary restriction that typically lasts up to one month. During this period, access to your Snapchat account, as well as other accounts, will be unavailable.

Why Your Device Is Banned On Snapchat

Snapchat device bans can occur for several reasons, as outlined in the article.

Here are the causes of Snapchat device bans

Violating Terms and Guidelines

One common cause is when users go against Snapchat’s terms and conditions or community guidelines. By creating a Snapchat account, users agree to abide by these rules.

Any violations, such as posting inappropriate content or engaging in abusive behavior, may result in a device ban.

Using Third-Party Apps

Snapchat bans can also happen if users attempt to access the platform through unauthorized third-party apps.

Apps like Emulator, Sneakaboo, and Snapchat++ are examples of such unauthorized apps. Utilizing these apps is considered illegal and can lead to both account and device bans.

Account Reports

When multiple users report an account for various reasons, it may result in a device ban.

If Snapchat receives reports of illegal activities or other violations associated with an account, they may take action by banning the device linked to that account.

How To Fix Snapchat Device Ban

When confronted with a device ban on Snapchat, rest assured that there are proven methods you can employ to resolve the issue.

These tried and tested approaches have yielded successful outcomes for many users.

By implementing these methods, you can increase your chances of overcoming the Snapchat device ban and regaining access to your account

Fix 1: Wait It Out

A device ban on Snapchat is usually temporary, lasting up to a month.

During the ban period, you won’t be able to access your Snapchat account on the banned device.

If you can wait, the ban will automatically be lifted after the designated period.

If you can’t wait and need immediate access, you can try tricking Snapchat by changing your device’s date.

Uninstall the Snapchat app from your device.

Open the Settings app and find the date and time option.

Turn off the “Set Automatically” feature and manually change the date to a month ahead.

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and reinstall the Snapchat app.

Now, you should be able to use Snapchat on your device again.

Fix 2: New Device

If your device is banned but not your account, switching to a different mobile device can help you access your Snapchat account.

Obtain a new mobile device that is not banned.

Install the Snapchat application on the new device.

Log in to your Snapchat account using your credentials.

With the new device, you should be able to use Snapchat and connect with your friends again.

Fix 3: Create a New Account

If your new device doesn’t work with your old Snapchat account, it’s possible that both the account and the device were banned.

To create a new account:

Get a new phone, or use a phone number and/or email address that hasn’t been associated with a banned Snapchat account.

Install the Snapchat app on the new device.

Open the app and sign up for a new account using the new phone number or email address.

Note that creating a new account means you won’t be able to recover your old account. You’ll start fresh with a new account, so make sure to follow Snapchat’s terms and guidelines.

Fix 4: Update Snapchat

Sometimes, the device ban error message can occur due to running an outdated version of Snapchat on your device, leading to bugs and technical issues.

To fix this, make sure your device has a stable internet connection and follow these steps:

Locate the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device.

Search for Snapchat in the store and select it.

Choose the Update button to download and install the latest version of Snapchat.

Once the update is complete, open the app and use it to access your Snapchat account.

Fix 5: Report

If you believe your device was mistakenly banned and you haven’t violated Snapchat’s terms and guidelines, you can contact Snapchat support for assistance.

You can reach out to them through other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook or send them an email.

Clearly and explicitly explain your issue, providing enough details for them to understand the problem.

Snapchat support will review your case, and you should receive feedback within approximately 48 hours.

By following these methods, you can attempt to fix a Snapchat device ban and regain access to your account.


Dealing with a Snapchat device ban can be frustrating, but there are several methods you can try to resolve the issue.

Whether it’s waiting out the ban, switching to a new device, creating a new account, updating the Snapchat app, or contacting

Snapchat support, there are options available to regain access to your Snapchat account.

It’s important to understand and adhere to Snapchat’s terms and guidelines to avoid device bans in the future.

FAQs About Snapchat Device Ban

How long do Snapchat device bans last?

Snapchat device bans are typically temporary and can last up to a month.

Can a Snapchat device ban be permanent?

While most Snapchat device bans are temporary and last up to a month, in extreme cases of severe violations or repeated offenses, Snapchat may impose a permanent ban on the device.

Permanent bans are rare and typically occur when there is a significant breach of Snapchat’s terms and guidelines.

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