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What Does Tennis Mean On Grindr?

What Does Tennis Mean On Grindr?

Are you new to Grindr? Have you recently heard someone mention the term “tennis,” and you’re left scratching your head?

If the meaning of “tennis” on Grindr eludes you, don’t worry – in this article, we will tell you what “tennis” means on Grindr.

We’ll be delving into the world of “tennis” on Grindr, providing you with a clear understanding of its significance.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly what “tennis” means and how to use it.

So, if you’re eager to uncover the mysteries of “tennis” on Grindr, let’s jump right in.

What Does Tennis Mean On Grindr?

On Grindr, a popular dating and social networking app for gay, bisexual, and queer individuals, the term “tennis” can sometimes be used as slang to indicate a specific fetish or interest.

In this context, “tennis” refers to a fetish where individuals derive sexual pleasure or arousal from activities related to ball-busting or testicular impact.

Ball-busting involves activities that focus on the testicles, often including light to moderate impact, such as tapping, slapping, or squeezing.

Those who have this particular fetish may find the sensation of being hit in the testicles to be sexually stimulating.

It’s worth noting that such fetish-based interactions and discussions can be consensual and enjoyable for those involved.

However, communication is key to ensuring that all parties are comfortable and enthusiastic about any activities they engage in.

here an example of how most grindr user chat using the word tennis

User A: Hey, you seem interesting! What are your hobbies?
User B: Thanks! I’m into a variety of things, including exploring new places, reading, and playing tennis.
User A: That’s cool, I enjoy tennis too. Actually, I came across the term “tennis” on here and wasn’t sure what it meant. Care to explain?
User B: Oh, I see what you mean. Well, on Grindr, “tennis” can sometimes refer to a particular fetish involving testicular impact or ball-busting.
It’s one of those coded terms that some people use.
Just wanted to be clear, as I believe in open communication.

User A: Thanks for explaining that! I’m not familiar with that fetish, but I appreciate your honesty.

It’s important to have these conversations to ensure mutual understanding.

So, tell me more about your other interests!
User B: Absolutely, I’m glad we can talk about these things openly. Apart from tennis, I also enjoy hiking and trying out new recipes. How about you?

In this example, User B takes the opportunity to explain the meaning of “tennis” on Grindr when User A asks about their hobbies.

The conversation maintains a respectful and informative tone, allowing both users to continue discussing their interests while clarifying any uncertainties.


What Does Tennis Mean On a Grindr Profile ?

On a Grindr Profile, “tennis” is often used as coded slang to refer to a fetish known as “ball-busting,” which involves activities related to testicular impact or stimulation.

This term is typically used within the context of discussing specific sexual interests, and it’s important for users to communicate openly and respectfully to ensure mutual understanding and consent.

Other Grindr Coded Slangs You Should Know As a Grindr User

1. NSA: No Strings Attached – Seeking a casual, non-committed sexual encounter without emotional attachment.
2. DTF: Down To Fvck – Expressing willingness and eagerness for a sexual encounter.
3. BB: Bareback – Indicating a preference for engaging in sexual activity without using condoms.
4. PnP: Party and Play – Referring to the combination of drug use (often stimulants) and sexual activity.
5. Discreet: Seeking discretion due to personal circumstances such as being closeted or in a relationship.
6. DL: Down Low – Suggesting a preference for keeping one’s sexual orientation or activities private.
7. Versatile: Willing to engage in both top (penetrative) and bottom (receptive) sexual roles.
8. Clean: Informally used to indicate testing negative for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
9. Dom/Sub: Dominant and Submissive – Referring to preferences for power dynamics in sexual relationships.
10. Twink: Describing a young, slim, often hairless or less hairy gay man with a youthful appearance.
11. Bear: Referring to a gay man with a larger build, often with facial or body hair.
12. Chub: Used to describe an individual who is heavier-set or overweight.
13. Chaser: Someone attracted to partners who have a larger body type (such as bears or chubs).
14. U=U: Undetectable =

15. Untransmittable – Informing that an HIV-positive person with an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV.
16. 420: Indicating an interest in marijuana use or the culture surrounding it.
17. Kink: Expressing interest in non-conventional sexual practices or fetishes.
18. Vanilla: Referring to traditional or standard sexual preferences without kinks or fetishes.
19. Top/Bottom: Indicating sexual position preference – top (penetrative partner) or bottom (receptive partner).

20. KYS: A harmful and offensive phrase, “Kill Yourself,” which should not be used or tolerated.
21. Wink: Symbolic gesture used to convey flirtation or interest.

22. Hung: Referring to someone who is well-endowed in terms of penis size.
23. ASL: Age, Sex, Location – Common introductory questions for personal information.

24. PNP: Party and Play – Implies drug use, often involving substances like crystal meth, during sexual activities.
25. Masc/Fem: Short for Masculine or Feminine – Describing a person’s presentation or behavior.
26. Daddy: Often used to refer to an older partner who is nurturing or protective.
27. Twunk: Describing someone who possesses both the youthful appearance of a twink and the muscular physique of a hunk.
28. POZ: Informal term for being HIV-positive.

29. .Neg: Short for HIV-negative.
MWM: Married White Male – Denotes the marital status and ethnicity of the individual.


In conclusion, on Grindr, the term “tennis” is used as coded slang to refer to a specific fetish known as “ball-busting.” This fetish involves deriving sexual pleasure from activities related to testicular impact or stimulation. Open communication, mutual understanding, and respectful conversations are essential when discussing such preferences on the platform. It’s crucial to ensure that all parties are comfortable and enthusiastic about any activities they engage in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grindr Slangs

What does “tennis” mean on Grindr?
“Tennis” on Grindr refers to a fetish involving testicular impact or stimulation.

What does “NSA” stand for on Grindr?
“NSA” means “No Strings Attached,” indicating a desire for a casual encounter without commitment.

What does “BB” signify on Grindr?
“BB” stands for “Bareback,” expressing a preference for unprotected sexual activity.

What does “DTF” mean on Grindr?
“DTF” stands for “Down To Fvck,” implying openness to engage in sexual activity.

What does “Dom/Sub” refer to on Grindr?
“Dom/Sub” represents Dominant and Submissive roles in sexual relationships, involving power dynamics.

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