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  • Kenechi

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  • Chris

    Well it certainly looks as if you site is geared to cover a lot of health and fitness topics, in particular, I was looking at the losing weight on a bike page/article – very interesting.

    Will you be publishing any articles on other cardio sports like running at some point in the future?

    • admin

      thank you,
      yes I will for sure, running and hiking will have pages and statistics as well because I will practice them as well.
      This will happen maybe in April, when the weather will be a little warmer.

  • Dave Sweney

    As this was a sitemap page of your website I took the liberty of looking at a few of the posts that had links on the page. It looks like you have a solid start with the site and are adding content almost daily so far. That is good, as Google will pick this up since you have a sitemap.

    The site niche is of interest to me, I am always looking at fresh gear and tools that will help me in my sports activities and of course, the idea is to stay healthy. This tells me that I need to come back to the website as more content is added, as likely there will be tips I can use for my own programs.

    So far the focus of the three articles is on bicycling activities. That is one of the hobbies I am involved in and they will help me learn more, a good thing. I do not ride a mountain bike, as we have no mountains nearby to where I live, but from time-to-time, we do travel to the mountains. 

    I have bookmarked the website so I can get back here and check out your new content as you publish it. I wish you the best with this website and look forward to reading more from you. Thanks!

  • Henry

    Hello Luc! Thank you very much for putting this great site. I see you have a very noble goal! It’s great to see you’re whiling to share your journey through healthy living and exercising.

    You have a really interesting story to tell. And I see an audience is already forming around you to read what you have to say. I’m one of them. I’ll continue visiting your site for updates.

  • Russ

    Hello, I viewed your website and my thoughts are.–

    The content, for the most part is good and informative, when you get into checking the bike and some of the advantages of riding.

    Gradually, “building up,” information was good, especially for a beginner or someone who hasn’t rode a bike for a long period of time.

    The fact it was your own experience gives it credibility.

    Your about page lacks much information about yourself. The content that is there, it is short on content, is vague.

    Your links for bicycles fit in perfect with your niche and don’t distract from your theme. Because of your knowledge of biking it may give  confidence in buying from your site.

    The WA link, while fairly pronounced, is not addressed, or I didn’t notice anything. If you could somehow bring in the home business aspect and segue into the WA link, it would become more relevant and also bring more attention to it, which I’m sure you want to achieve.